CARGONET: Global Shipping Logistics

CargoNet is a blockchain and machine learning platform that tracks containers around the world using checkpoints and integrated RFID tags Its purpose is to assist in realtime tracking and enhanced logistical information such as ETA, Route Planning etc. The service integrates multiple geo-sense data-sets to provide realtime information.

How is blockchain used?

The platform stores each containers ROUTE and then subsequent CHECKPOINTS that are triggered when the container passes by. Each event is tracked in an immutable chain in realtime, with realtime information updates and notifications.
The chain supports notifications (EMAIL, SMS, APP) when certain conditions are met.

Is the chain public?

For security purposes, the chain is not public The service is orientated to a consortium model where trusted parties have access and visibility to the data.

Where can I learn more?

The service is in BETA as we expand our tracking services.

For more information contact:

Samuel Colak on LinkedIn or on mobile +31 683 97 8080


Rob Niessen on LinkedIn or on mobile: +31 6 145 70 154

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