Inbuilt API

The Indigo node features an inbuilt http/https webservice engine

By default this feature is disabled and may only be activated on “Node” deployments using the following switch (-o ,)


The webservice is state-of-art with local instances responding typically within 1/1000th of a second

In addition to standardized capabilities that most services provide, we include the following features

  • Inline Rendering

    Using command directives (<py> [code] </py>) you can incorporate python code directly into the page rendering process

  • Multiple Sites

    The engine has been developed to enable multiple site management with specific needs tailor made to each instance

    The service enables global code to be shared across all instances whilst also facilitating highly granular code specific to one instance

  • Smart Protocol Detection

    All ports are multi-protocol enabled to facilitate SSL or plain access – Attempting to access port 80 using an SSL encrypted channel will not result in failure but will be served in the desired manner

    As a result there is no explicit need to direct a channel to use SSL

  • TLS 1.2

    Our service protocol demands explicit perfect-forward-secrecy using Elliptic Curve (Diffie-Hellman) Key Exchange (ECDHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA384) to prevent man-in-the-middle attack vectors amongst many others (such as POODLE – see

  • IP Filtering & Authentication

    Using our inbuilt ip-blocking service, you can control who has access to the service on an ip level

    Simple domain authentication is provided for controlling access to the default web instance in addition to applying granular access to functinality exposed by your custom applications

Modules & Controllers

Extending the MVC (model, view controller) paradigm, the service has been extended to incorporate a mechanism that enables access to additional functionality on deployment

This is implemented through the notion of an “Endpoint” that exposes a REGEX pattern and functionality that is invoked when the REGEX expression is matched